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  • aikosmile

    3,989 Photos · joined 2010-03-15

  • krowak

    2,654 Photos · joined 2014-08-26

    Digital Photography has lost its charm for me. I fell in love with blur, color, Russian machines and magic of the moment.

  • kojotisko

    2,417 Photos · joined 2014-07-22

    Worker in small e-waste recycling plant. Amateur philosopher, amateur photographer, semi-professional writer, professional Coyote. Interests: Philosophy, reading, writing, watching movies, cats, c …

  • marekoudela

    650 Photos · joined 2016-05-10

  • tomhusa

    1,365 Photos · joined 2010-06-26

  • ivancherepashuk

    878 Photos · joined 2019-01-13

    Ukrainian cosmopolitan. @ivcps Canon EOS 500N, Zenit-E, w/ Mir-1B & Canon EF 50/1.8. Used to have: Zenit-ET, Smena 35, Kiev 35A, Agat 18К, Kiev 3А, Zorki 4, FED 2, Jupiter-21M 4/200, Helios-44-2.

  • kashmir2209

    1,904 Photos · joined 2014-10-21

    The Life through the analogue camera is more real than through the digital over megapixeled perfect cameras. Even it is blurred, colors are not real sometimes and technical quality not perfect every …

  • reza

    1,351 Photos · joined 2012-12-24

    thanks God & my husband I am the lomographer!

  • jakkr

    963 Photos · joined 2014-04-28

  • tabuk

    1,764 Photos · joined 2014-08-31

    cheers! LIFE IS ONE BIG PARTY!

  • mallorynox

    2,861 Photos · joined 2009-12-17

    I am just living and taking some pictures of that.

  • murdoc_niccals

    1,926 Photos · joined 2010-06-16

    heyy everyone! my name is Petr. i'm from Czech republic i'm working as a civil engineer - designing buildings and stuff. i've fallen in love with lomography when i was 15. since then my heart is ana …

  • alex_novak

    1,791 Photos · joined 2019-05-31

    When I was a kid I was dreaming of a Japanese SLR. Now I have a few and I can't stop taking pictures.

  • gesp

    4,554 Photos · joined 2012-07-26

  • abik

    1,516 Photos · joined 2023-04-20

    Olympus OM Olympus XA, XA3, XA4 Rollei 35, Rollei 35 SE, Rollei B35 Flexaret VI Olympus 35 SP, Olympus 35 RC, Olympus 35 RD Canon Dial 35-2 Mamiya C330, C33 Zenza Bronica SQ-A, S2A …

  • kocht

    1,214 Photos · joined 2016-04-19

    Everything started when I went to cellar with my grandfather and I found there his old Flexaret V. I was totally engulfed by that camera. It was so different from my EOS 6D. Nothing was for free, ev …

  • menrea

    3,586 Photos · joined 2014-10-07

    LomoHome of the Day: 23. 05. 2015 20. 08. 2017 …

  • kasta72

    1,162 Photos · joined 2011-07-19

    Thank you very much for visiting my lomogalleries I always try to look at your work in return, i feel this site and all the lomo-community is a great inspiration (and support) for me! little bit …

  • erikagrendel

    2,082 Photos · joined 2011-04-28

    a writer, an occasional comics artist, a teacher and now even a lomo-addict. <3 originally from Slovakia, now living in Prague already for several years. Find me also here: …

  • smolda

    6,935 Photos · joined 2014-08-15

    Living in Prague, Czech Republic and discovering analogue photography. :) CAMERAS Lomography Diana F+ (35mm Back), Lomography Diana Multi Pinhole Operator, Lomography Sprocket Rocket, Lomography …