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  • vince-bj

    2,087 Photos · joined 2013-02-06

    My interest in film photography started off with a Lomography Diana F+. I think this is a great camera, because it’s just so basic, all you have to work with is the film you choose, plus light and …

  • evansabahnurd

    13,045 Photos · joined 2016-11-28

    Hello, please call me Ed if you like! Here is a collections of my photos that is regularly updated with my latest analogue experimentations. If you want to see some of my exhibitions you can look …

  • novista

    11,956 Photos · joined 2016-02-26

    it's a test

  • stouf

    11,536 Photos · joined 2008-05-02

    Life is good. Lomography is about the emergence of beauty out of chaos - Just as life emerged in the universe. Spending time wasting film - Not the opposite. Not an artist - A technician.

  • werriston

    2,419 Photos · joined 2009-01-09

    Actor / Writer / Designer / Spaghetti Enthusiast // Lomographer since 2005.

  • pangmark

    6,218 Photos · joined 2009-07-21

    WELCOME TO THE DOMINIC REPUBLIC (100% digital free!) Hi! I'm Dom. In Sydney Australia via Vietnam, Thailand and New Zealand. If your photos are analogue and you have filled in the meta data to suppo …

  • lokified

    4,617 Photos · joined 2012-07-30

    Once upon a time, a kid in Canada took pictures. He went digital & filled hard drives. A move to Australia later, he got a Diana Mini with a gift voucher given by a job he hated. Now the Film has him.

  • lonur

    6,768 Photos · joined 2008-05-24

    tapatío en melbourne. not an artist, not seeking to represent aesthetic urges, just documenting my quotidian (and not so quotidian) experiences and trying to see what is usually invisible to those o …

  • amsiglela_yallehei

    5,687 Photos · joined 2014-04-23

    I like to take photos of the natural world. My username is not an actual name but a combination of letters randomly generated for a character in a game of Dungeons & Dragons.

  • adamo-75

    1,203 Photos · joined 2008-09-29

  • filby

    2,801 Photos · joined 2008-12-27

    I love long exposure LC-A, bright xprocess and cats.I also love my wife. Cameras include Olympus Mju II, Zeiss Ikon, and homemade Matchbox pinhole.

  • albeelee

    1,656 Photos · joined 2011-09-09

  • gregoire1969

    1,524 Photos · joined 2014-06-24

    Photo of the Day February 9, 2016: Photo of the Day May 31, 2017: TEN AND ONE Monochrome …

  • rustyvines

    778 Photos · joined 2021-06-14

    I'm a documentary film maker who has returned to analogue photography to re energise my curiosity for this amazing world. Every photo you take is an imperfect, grainy surprise waiting to be developed.

  • alexi56

    986 Photos · joined 2016-05-22

    ..........all photography is an attempt to capture the essence of being - but as it is inherently, precariously, subjective, it will inevitably fail - the reality is lost, and all we have left is th …

  • naomac

    4,146 Photos · joined 2010-02-20

    A lover of music and art who just likes taking pictures of things

  • spannerino

    1,109 Photos · joined 2012-02-27

  • jojo8785

    874 Photos · joined 2010-11-08

    Nature, landscapes, multiple exposures, distorted angles, sprocket holes, experimentation and vintage!

  • stephoebe

    3,447 Photos · joined 2010-01-21

    my day job involves using space telescopes to look at the earliest galaxies: hit me up: instagram: https://www.instag …

  • jolierose

    1,683 Photos · joined 2018-12-16

    Artist and photographer. Based on Australia's Sunshine Coast. Shoot with: Kodak Ektar H35 Diana F+ Lomo'instant Automat Polaroid 600 Fuji Mini Evo