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  • neurodiaz

    675 Photos · joined 2009-08-27

    LOMOMATRIXMCBO at Communication Science Bachelor, Photojournalist, Lomographer. http://neuro …

  • msvecchio

    1,766 Photos · joined 2018-03-24

    Bios are hard. You have to say something that pictures yourself and what do you do. And the thing is that I still don't know what I'm doing. Taking pictures is cathartic for me, and I choose to …

  • fefo

    1,071 Photos · joined 2011-03-16

  • mariaratfingers

    909 Photos · joined 2010-11-17

    film as resistance to the age of immediacy.

  • mavricich

    1,816 Photos · joined 2017-02-02

  • martinpruv

    2,537 Photos · joined 2012-07-22

    "Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess." (Oscar Wilde) So keep on experimenting, pushing the boundaries and embracing the blur! Be mindful, awake and shoot without too much th …

  • danteelmejor

    997 Photos · joined 2020-09-11

  • bleus

    935 Photos · joined 2020-01-30

    Rocío Tenaglia Visual Artist, Animator, Illustrator//film & digital photographer//sad-poetry writer (mostly spanish)//under-cultural gestor (co-founder of @revistacamalote) from Rosario, Argentina …

  • humodepipa

    775 Photos · joined 2016-03-08

    Hi my name is Felipe and I'm from Argentina. Welcome to my virtual analog space :) Grand Prize Winner "Warm and Cozy" …

  • alejandro_williams

    1,943 Photos · joined 2015-08-25

  • manuel8121

    594 Photos · joined 2013-12-16

  • ropi

    1,054 Photos · joined 2011-08-30

    I became a lomographer in June of 2012 (aprox) when I was doing a basic photography course, and the last classes were about analogue photography. The funny part is that I bought my first analogue ca …

  • barbarabezina

    543 Photos · joined 2017-11-25

    Recent interview: Artist https://t …

  • fededonatini

    717 Photos · joined 2020-11-15

    Lomography as a sampler of results obtainable with each existing camera None of the photos uploaded here were edited, they are the direct result of each camera tested.

  • delphioc

    2,324 Photos · joined 2016-04-25

    Argentinian photographer and videographer living in Paris. Site: Instagram: @del.doc

  • jaybuffalo

    2,637 Photos · joined 2016-10-17

    Mi nombre es Jeremias Casares, coleccionista de cámaras antiguas y las imágenes que generan.

  • keornidas

    1,539 Photos · joined 2018-09-05

    Instagram: Di3go_tell

  • kevinkiven

    1,313 Photos · joined 2016-12-07

    Taking photos it's like a daily meditation, and the most beautiful thing is that I am constantly learning about the things that surround me.

  • lailasdf

    617 Photos · joined 2018-11-01

    Pentax K1000 Olympus superzoom 120 (compacta) Analógico y Digital en: Instagram: Colaborar …

  • eldritch

    604 Photos · joined 2011-06-18

    Winner "Resolution competition" & "Photo of the Day"