• LubitelLove

    written by scorpie on 2011-03-24

    I bought my Lubitel back in October 2010, and in the past few months it quickly became my favourite camera.

  • LC-A spotting!

    written by scorpie on 2011-03-13

    Is that an LC-A I spot there in Mansun's "Negative" video...?

  • My lomographic love-affair

    written by scorpie on 2010-12-01
    My lomographic love-affair

    About how I got into Lomography in the first place and lost my heart to a camera.

  • From a Goldfish's Point of View

    written by scorpie on 2010-10-17
    From a Goldfish's Point of View

    My first two rolls of Fisheye-photos are back from the lab, and it seems I've still got a lot to learn with this camera!

  • A hairy lost roll

    written by scorpie on 2010-10-14
    A hairy lost roll

    Yesterday I picked up a roll of Hairy Harry shots from the lab. I took those about three weeks ago, hoping I'd get the shots back in time for the deadline of the competition... and the roll disappeared. I'm happy though it's not gone for good - it was my first time using a Fuji Astia 100 and I'm quite impressed by the pink-ness.

  • Hello World!

    written by scorpie on 2010-10-13
    Hello World!

    First posts are always the hardest, at least for me, so I might just as well get it over with right now ;)