hooked on my '87 lc-a !


unfortunately I have, like most of us, the sticky shutter problem, I had about 10 out of 27 blanc frames.
I wonder if the newer lc-a+ had the same problem ? If not I’ll start saving up, even though everyone I know will think I’m completely nuts becasue I already own an lc-wide (and many more camera’s) but these two camera’s, both amazing, just aren’t the same. I couldn’t, wouldn’t live without them.
If I had never bought that lc-a, I probably wouldn’t mind living without one, but now it’s too late. I’m hooked.

Some of my favourites:

Credits: schemerel

written by schemerel on 2011-08-26

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  1. lyndxe
    lyndxe ·

    congrats on your new! (old :) original LC-A - i recently just got a LC-A+, and i'm very much looking forward to the results! i've already shot 3 rolls, but still need to develop them myself :) i plan on getting an original LC-A soon, and hopefully an LC-Wide, too!