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    shared by paramir on 2011-05-27

    Testing my new LC-A+, won in a competition!!

  • Test Roll

    shared by paramir on 2011-11-15

    My first roll on the Gakkenflex clone, and I think I am in love...

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  • Fall Randoms

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  • The Dishwasher experiment

    shared by paramir on 2011-01-27

    Washed this roll in my dishwasher. Due to having huge windows in all the rooms in my house and the lack of a hairdryer (and also due to plain laziness) I did not pull the film out to dry it but just left it for a day on the radiator to dry. It seems to have worked out just fine.

  • Traffic Jam!

    shared by kylewis on 2008-09-12

    Yes, even on the waterways

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    1993 expired film that I got for free from a friend. Kept in a darkroom. Rated at 50 ISO. Annoyed the technician at the lab as I think the paper backing was a mess to remove!

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    Underexposed infrared shots with the Holga 120 Wide Pinhole camera... Didn't expose them enough...

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    shared by grazie on 2013-04-29

    Bought some fuji 64T films which in expired in 1997 and was expecting purplish tones but instead got this deep blue tone.

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  • Lomowalk in Prague

    shared by erikagrendel on 2013-04-23

    21.4.2013 lovely lomowalk when everything has been blooming in Prague...yeeey :)

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    Once upon a time we've drove to hitch-hiking to Alupka in Vorontcov Palace. It's been a sun spring day. I load in my Zorki 10, (russian automatic camera from 70-s) Kodak Color 200 film, overdue in 2006. When we arrive to Alupka, we met our friend Alexey from Moscow, and gone walking in Vorontcov Garden situated under walls of Vorontcov Palace. Vorontcov Palace - is one of the oldest and largest royal palaces in all of Crimea. It's a great work of Edward Blore, Scottish architect. The basis of the architectural design of the palace was the idea of ​​the alchemical marriage between East and West: half of the palace looks like a European castle, another part looks like a Orient palace. Winston Churchill in book "Triumph and Tragedy: The Second World War" write about this place: "The setting of our abode was impressive ... Behind the villa, half Gothic and half Moorish in style, rose the mountains, covered in snow, culminating in the highest peak in the Crimea. Before us lay the dark expanse of the Black Sea, severe, but still agreeable and warm even at this time of the year. Carved white lions guarded the entrance to the house, and beyond the courtyard lay a fine park with sub-tropical plants and cypresses."

  • Warm colors, cold weather

    shared by mrmex on 2013-04-23

    Never really used the normal x-pro film as much as I wanted. actually this is my first try. Really like some of the results. For less of the same, I also have a Facebook page: A) 1/2 These two are the same picture but scanned of different settings, what do you prefer?

  • Mornings by the sea

    shared by walasiteodito on 2013-04-23

    all photos we're taken during our 2 day stay at Blue Coral beach resort in Laiya, Batangas.

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    spring time bright bright sun

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    doubles with my friend bloomchen. Thanks a lot for this project. Hope you check his wonderful lomographs here.

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  • Diana Mini + Fuji Pro 400H

    shared by emkei on 2013-04-28

    great combination! ;)

  • Lilies

    shared by troch on 2011-10-23

    This is another attempt at shooting pinhole still lifes in a closer setting.

  • the Magic of the Redscale XR

    shared by poepel on 2013-03-31

    11 Photos - 11 different colors. i love this film.

  • Pentax MX & Rollei CR 200 PRO (XPro)

    shared by simonesavo on 2013-03-30

    Test zoom @200mm

  • Doubles with ophelia

    shared by sobetion on 2013-03-24

  • Lubitel, Redscale and a lot of leaks!

    shared by marcel2cv on 2012-10-30

    Love this shot just because of its quite inperfect appearance. The atmosphere is somehow between summer (redscale) and winter (empty beach). I felt that way in that special moment. :-)

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  • Debonair

    shared by gauthierdumonde on 2013-03-06

    My favorite Diana Clone. The only one that's not a Diana Clone

  • Lightpainting - Another try

    shared by moodification on 2013-02-19

    Inspired through the great lightpainting shots of @ck_berlin I thought I might give it another try. I used our basement and was hoping that no one of the neighbours would come down there and ruin the shots. I used sparklers, Fritz the Blitz, a flash light and an ipad app called "MyLightPaint".

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    Doubles with a splitzer.

  • Holga 135 test roll

    shared by pcrlaban on 2012-05-05

    I just bought myself a nice black classic Holga 135 recently. Loaded it with Agfa CT Precisa slide film. It's quite hard to get used to this plastic camera when you're used to heavy tough metal oldies, but the possibility to take multiple exposures gave me a lot of creative freedom. Hope I'm going to have a good time with this toy!

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  • My Grandma.

    shared by juditto on 2010-09-14

    My first LC-A experience with a Fuji Tungsten 64.

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  • sunny day

    shared by omgitsacow on 2012-03-29

    Went outside yesterday for a bike trip and after a few miles I got at a farm, took these pics on the road there and on the way back!

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