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    shared by lakandula on 2011-11-26

    I've been lomographing Angono's Higantes parade for two years in a row. On the third time I thought I should do something different that would make my shots distinct from my past shots. Did these doubles on the parade and textures. And added tiny freckles on the photographs by experimenting with coke. Recently I've been into this experimental mood and loving each moment of it. Coke is it!

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    a dreamy xmas eve with my family

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  • Lomowalk along the beach

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    Since I was the only one who had a lomo camera in the group, I did the lomowalk alone. An hour before we left for the airport, I took one last stroll along the beach. LESSON LEARNED: the beach can over expose an ISO 100 film

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    You can find more of my work on my homepage: _________________________________________ Also have a blog where I write about my photo experience, tips and trick etc. . . . . . . . . _________________________________________ Facebook:

  • Scary!

    shared by adi_totp on 2011-01-12

    When I was snorkeling with my friends, I decided to bring a whole plastic camera. It has the underwater case but you know it's crappy! haha.. after I shoot my friends underwater, I process this film and came out like this! It's so scary! It's like a under the sea monster! rawwwrrrrr! WORST I must admit next time I have to buy the L-CA Krab!

  • Diana Mini

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    Turning Red!

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  • Banana & Banana's art

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    Do you prefer to eat or listen to it? Warhol goes bananas!

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  • stopping hide-and-seek

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