W is for wide... Very wide!

Credits: sandravo

I Made this shot the first time I used the square mask in the LC-W. It is a sentence from the short story “Will o’ the Wisp” by the famous Flemish writer/poet Willem Elsschot (1882-1960). The text is chiseled in a large floor stone. When I made the shot, holding the camera about a meter above the ground, I thought the text would barely fit in the frame. So great was my surprise when my foot showed up on the negative. BTW it’s a size 42, not the smallest, gives you an idea how large the stone is and how much you can capture with the LC-W, even from a short distance, and even with the square format. You gotta love that wide-angle beauty!

The text translates as follows: ‘A strange city’ Ali says, ‘All streets look the same’.

written by sandravo on 2013-07-31