• Fuji Fiesta!

    written by sandravo on 2014-06-08
    Fuji Fiesta!

    Last month I was lucky enough to get my hands on a huge amount of expired film. And the best of it was, it's all gorgeous Fujichrome slide film! Now, because my freezer has limited storage, and because I'm not greedy, I am sharing all this analogue candy with the rest of you.

  • Film For Sale

    written by sandravo on 2014-04-26
    Film For Sale

    Had a spring cleaning of my fridge and came up with some film to sell.

  • They call me an artist!

    written by sandravo on 2014-03-20

    Like so many of you I'm into Lomography for the fun of it. It's just hobby, not my job. And then you get an email from Vienna HQ asking if you'd be willing to answer some questions for the Lomography x Zenit Petzval Lens Artist Series... Me? An artist?!

  • Lubitel - Show and Tell

    written by sandravo on 2013-08-12
    Lubitel - Show and Tell

    Somtimes you set out to shoot, having a specific theme in mind... And then something unexpected crosses your path and you end up with a whole different set of photographs! In this case, curious cows!

  • W is for wide... Very wide!

    written by sandravo on 2013-07-31
    W is for wide... Very wide!

    LC-Wide City Diary Rumble - My favorite city shot shows how extremely wide the LC-W really is, even when shooting squares..

  • My most beatiful horizon shot and the story behind it.

    written by sandravo on 2013-07-22
    My most beatiful horizon shot and the story behind it.

    Paris by night is always lovely. But in 2008 it became even more beautiful when the Eiffel Tower was dressed up in hounour of the French taking the helm of the European union.