i know, i know...

first things first i am sorry for my shit english grammar. I dont have enough time to correct it.
So..have you ever thought about the situation, when you found a magical person, which can make your 3 desires come true? Yes you imagined this thing. And thing is, that all those desires, which you already wish(for your good only), like money, power, girl, etc, its nothing. I will give some examples. In case, when you need neither money nor can, clothes, camera, film, in a word all about you dreamt for long period of time, you will need only one thing. Its a possibility to stop the time. For example you need money. You just going to the bank, holding the time, take as much as you want, going out of the bank, and resume the time. And this variant you can use in fucking a lot of different moments.
And the second want. Did you had a moment, when the girl which you like a huge number of days, didn’t want to start the relationship with you? Or when the girl, for example, didn’t want to have a sex, but you wanted? In this case, practically, you may use “stoptime”, but who want to fuck a deck? Yes, this is a great experience, but jokes off. Its about the wish to make people think like you want to. You just looking on the person and program it. Just taking your thoughts and insert it. Like old CD in cd driver, in someone’s head. This possibility could stop a lot of wars, but start a lot of too. To grapple with almost all your problems or fears.
Just think and dream about it while you will sitting in toilet.

Thanks for the attention

written by saltyoak on 2013-01-10