That girl, I was buying my first Diana F+ camera from, said she's getting rid of it because she doesn't have enough curiosity, excitement and expectation you need when you're waiting to see what are the pictures you took going to look like.

I believe I do.

I was introduced to photography through my father, have been using simple compacts at first then got my first SLR film camera. The age of a digital camera came then. I got an Olympus compact, then Canon EOS 400D I was using ever since. That' was years ago and now I got bored...

I'm not a typical collector, just have a couple of old cameras at home :) I wouldn't change them for any digital camera. Especially my new Diana+ I just fell in love with.
So yes, I'm sort of new to this. Please be kind with my first lomo pics :)

Nice to meet you!


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