10th Lomowalk of 2012 - October


For October lomowalk I visited the ruins of Convento do Carmo. This is what’s left of the monastery after the 1755 earthquake. I wanted to take pictures of its beautiful arches for years but I didn’t make the right choices of cameras and films.

The Horizon Kompakt was loaded with a Fuji Velvia 50 that I used in the previous lomowalk, where it worked well. But for this darker place, I think a 100 ISO film would be better. Anyway, I enjoyed the experience of not cross processing this film and I can appreciate the light/shadow contrast of the pictures.

Credits: saidseni

The Holga 120 N with the Lomography X-Pro 200 wasn’t the best combination either. I guess this camera needs higher ISO films when not in full sunlight… I’m still getting to know it.

Credits: saidseni

At this time of the year, the days get shorter and I’m not a morning person. I always get out too late to photograph and that ruins many pictures… and besides of getting my self out of the house, I also have to convince people to come with me! This time I took mommy, daddy and a friend. Not happy with the results but the walks are nice and I’ve visited many new places because of these lomowalks, so it’s worth the effort to make at least once a month!

Credits: saidseni

written by saidseni on 2013-01-10

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  1. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    I like that you chose interesting angles for your snaps