South / North - Vacation Doubles w/ @sorrilha

For this summer vacation, me and sorrilha decided to make a film swap. It’s always so fun! But instead of the usual double exposure that we already tried last year, this time we decided to use the Splitzer and each of us shoot half of the picture.

I took my half with my LC-A+ in Faro and Ilha do Farol at the southern region of Portugal, Algarve. I wrote the film in the beginning to mark where sorrilha should start shooting so that our halves matched. sorrilha used her Diana F+ and shoot her halves at Lamego and Granja-Nova, in the northern region Beira Alta. The film we used was a Lomography X-Pro 200 (35mm).

Of course, we did a lot of stupid things… I divided the pictures in 4 groups:

The ones that I HATE the other half didn’t came out.
In my case, the missing half is due to lack of batteries in my LC-A+. It’s absurd that I’m always falling in the same mistake, over and over… I hate cameras with batteries! In sorrilha case, there was an accidental pinhole mode in the Diana… It really makes me mad because these halves looked so cool… :(

Credits: saidseni

The ones I have no idea how we screwed them…
The reasons pointed before are the main things that went wrong in this experience. But some pictures we are not even sure what happened… wrong position of the film?

Credits: saidseni

The ones where, ufff, the two layers came out!
Oh, when they come out, they are cool!

Credits: saidseni

The ones I LOVE!
When it works, it WORKS!

Credits: saidseni

Because of these last 4 pictures, you can be sure… we will try it again!

My marks on the film for sorrilha, I don’t know why the guy at the lab printed it but it’s cool!

You can check all the pictures in this album. Thanks for reading, happy summer! :)

written by saidseni on 2012-08-16