The Flower Project - Instant Back

My new LC-A Instant Back+ isn’t giving me the immediate awesome results I was expecting. My major issues with it are framing the subject and avoiding an overexposed picture.

The Instant Back covers the viewfinder of the LC-A. It comes with a proper viewfinder that I find cute and totally useless, so far. It’s better to try to guess! It can be tricky and it looks like it takes a while to get used to it.

Credits: saidseni

The Fuji Instax Mini film used for the Instant Back is rated as 800 ISO. In regular films, I find it too high for day shots with the LC-A and I’m finding the same with the instant film. The pictures can easily get overexposed, even setting the camera to 400 or 800. It is extremely sensitive to sunlight and you can’t get too much of it in the picture.

Credits: saidseni

I soon understood I had to dedicate a little time getting to know the particularities of the Instant Back. I was wandering what would be a good situation to give it a serious try. I couldn’t imagine at the time I was planting the seed for the Flower Project.

written by saidseni on 2012-03-04