My Pictures Travel Without Me!


Lomowalls Rumbles are one of the main reason why this happens so often. They need tons of pictures and it’s not hard to be chosen. A rumble is launched, people submit. After a while, there is an announcement, you know they will use your picture(s) and you get 5 piggies. Ok. But it’s very hard to know which picture made it to the lomowall because that is never announced. It is a bit frustrating.

Lima, Peru Lomowall

In this case, I had some luck. One of my pictures (I don’t know if they used more) was on the place were people decided to make interviews. So, not only my picture is on a lomowall in Peru (and I love Peru!), it was also on TV! Of course no one knows that picture is mine but I know and that’s great enough! :D

Lodz, Poland Lomowall

It was with the first Lodz Lomowall that I learned to search the web for videos every time I know my picture is used in a lomowall.

Someone had this great idea of filming the Lodz lomowall, I don’t know who but THANK YOU! If you are patient enough and have a good vision, you can sometimes find your picture! I found mine at 2’45 after my eyes almost burnt!!

And I’ve never been to Poland. :)

Cologne, Germany – Photokina

When your picture wins something more that just being in the lomowall, you know what was the picture chosen. So this one was in Germany, maybe they used other pictures for this huuuuge lomowall, I don’t know. I really should start a different kind of traveling – chasing my pictures around the world! :D

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – “Energy that Moves the World” Exhibition

Ok, this one is the one I’m more jealous about, and also the one that made me won the biggest prize I ever won here! :D

I’ve never been to Brazil and I would love to!! The only place I would like to know more than Rio, is Baía (no lomowalls there, please! ;)). And I was sooooo close to get that trip! Aaargh!!

But I’m happy that my picture was on display in the Modern Art Museum in Rio de Janeiro (I would never even dream of that!) and that it was a free entrance exhibition that anyone could attend. I think that was really cool!

Since I believe that Lomography is a community where I should try to return the great things that are given to me, I asked my friend in Rio to take pictures in the exhibition and I made a video so that people could try to find their pictures in the biggest lomowall in South America.

But there are some of my pictures in lomowalls around the world that I never seen, and that makes me sad. Really, is that so hard to make a gallery of the pictures that made it to a lomowall? And even if it is hard, aren’t we worth the effort?

So, here is a list of the lomowalls where my picture(s) were but I never knew which were choosen:

- Shoot like a 25 year old! – Lomowall – Vienna, Austria
- LomoWall for the Worlds Lomographic Piece – Lodz, Poland
- Uniting Smiles Rumble – LomoWall Exhibition at Fringe Festival – Athens, Greece
- Yellow – Blue Moments LomoWall – Ukraine
- Real Life Beauty LomoWall – Santiago, Chile (I want so much to know this country and city, I can’t believe my picture was there and I wasn’t! Aaaargh!)

Guys, I’m still waiting. :/

Apart from that, I have to say: this is another crazy thing that only Lomography could do. :) Thank you very much, guys! :*

written by saidseni on 2011-12-18

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  1. welland
    welland ·

    I SEE MY PHOTO!! 34 Seconds into the last video!! Thank you! It makes me really happy to see it there!