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The Ramp of Improvement

I’m fairly new to film photography, unless you count the time in high school I spent with an Advantix camera. I took it all over the place and got some photos that I’ll keep forever to remind me what it was like back in the day. I was very sad when the camera broke one day.

Years later I saw a Holga at Urban Outfitters and got curious. I started poking around and seeing what I could find out about it, and decided that I. Must. Have. It.

Then I had to figger out how the hell not to take crappy photos with it.

I set up a display in a corner of a room in my house to take test pictures. I went through rolls of film testing settings with distances with flash without flash with different lenses. I didn’t learn to take good photos. I just got bored. I got so tired of looking at that pile in the corner that i just didn’t care anymore.

So I took it to Thanksgiving dinner. I wasn’t bored. I just had fun and didn’t try too hard. I got some pictures that I truly love. One of my favorites is the turkey being carved.

Credits: saeledbetts

That was very encouraging. I started taking Holga more places with me. I discovered that it’s the perfect hiking camera – it weighs almost nothing and is better than any fancy-pants digital camera at making the pictures FEEL right. Outdoors pictures with a Holga feels like it’s outdoors, like it’s more real, like it’s as beautiful on film as it is in your memory of it.

Credits: saeledbetts

I still use my digital camera, but now it’s only for settings where I know for sure I need to have a few good photos, since I can take so many and see what I’ve got instantly. But for photos where I really want to keep my memories as I see them in my head, I’ll use my toy camera.

written by saeledbetts on 2011-03-24