• Eastbourne Pier, UK

    written by sadmafioso on 2009-12-26 #places
    Eastbourne Pier, UK

    Eastbourne Pier. Apparently the pier is up for sale at the moment with a guide price of £5million. How many Lomographers are out there? Maybe if we all threw in £5...?

  • Barbican, London

    written by sadmafioso on 2009-07-21 #places
    Barbican, London

    London's centre of Brutalist architecture. The challenge to capture a glimpse of its life on film is why I always return.

  • Plaka Athens, Greece

    written by sadmafioso on 2009-07-18 #places
    Plaka Athens, Greece

    Nonetheless a trip to Athens is not a complete without at least day spent in and around this area.

  • Hydra, Greece

    written by sadmafioso on 2009-07-13 #places
    Hydra, Greece

    The island for people who don't like islands. Forget the outside world and watch life flow at the slowest pace possible.

  • The Blue Mosque (Istanbul)

    written by sadmafioso on 2009-06-07 #places
    The Blue Mosque (Istanbul)

    Also known as the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, this is arguably the most striking building in Istanbul. The visitor can't help being overwhelmed and humbled by its enormity, its towering minarets and the sheer sense of history pulsing from every slab of stone.

  • Battersea Power Station, London

    written by sadmafioso on 2009-06-07 #places
    Battersea Power Station, London

    Battersea Power Station, to put it simply, is my favorite building in the world. A giant disused coal-fired power station, it is a beautiful, crumbling cathedral, throbbing with energy, visible from miles away and impossible to ignore.

  • Fuji Natura: The Night is Yours

    written by sadmafioso on 2008-12-28 #gear
    Fuji Natura: The Night is Yours

    A camera designed for the night stalkers among us, this is a wide-apertured, high ISO hungry camera ready to turn night into day.

  • Colorsplash – The Party Camera Of Choice

    written by sadmafioso on 2008-10-25 #gear
    Colorsplash – The Party Camera Of Choice

    Nothing captures the woozy, manic memories of a great party like the Lomo Colorsplash. While others wash out the room with a blinding harsh white flash, you paint the moment in yellow streaks, glowing blue orbs and bright red faces. The Colorsplash has a thousand uses, but a party is where it truly comes into it’s own. Lightweight but strong, it’s something that can be held comfortably in one hand (preferably the one not holding a beer) as you wait for an opportunity to momentarily blind a fellow partygoer!

  • Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim

    written by sadmafioso on 2008-10-17 #gear
    Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim

    Now we’re talking... The Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim is an all-plastic 22mm-lensed piece of crap that takes some of the most wonderful images you’ll ever see produced from a camera. What strikes you when you first hold the Vivitar UW&S is it’s weight – or lack of. It truly is feather light, even with the film inside. A single button sits on top, there’s a rudimentary tiny viewfinder.. and that’s it. Just point, click, and go develop those near-fisheyed strange and beautiful shots.

  • Agfa CT Precisa (35mm, 100 iso) user-review

    written by sadmafioso on 2008-09-01 #gear
    Agfa CT Precisa (35mm, 100 iso) user-review

    Oh Agfa, how could you break my heart and discontinue this beautiful, elegant film? This for me is the x-pro film of choice. Colour-shifts are intense without looking garish, contrast is beefed up without losing detail.