1. iif_milan
    iif_milan ·

    Hello, I am the contest administrator from the Italian Institute of Photography. Thanks for submitting the photo to our "What does dreaming look like?" contest. To complete your participation in the contest, please write in the comments section here a description of why this photo represents or interprets dreaming. Best of luck!

  2. sadiekiss
    sadiekiss ·

    Hi.. Thanks iif_milan I'm new to this as im sure you can tell! Lol..

    This photo best represents my dreams because it looks so simple but yet it can be very complex with layers if you really look. When you dream it always starts very slow then as you sleep your dreams starts to have more & more movement as if I was to breathe onto the flowers in my pic. But you also have the daydream affect that if you quickly look you may even make them into fireworks in your dream to mark something special exp: like you may have just revcived a kiss by the one have a crush on, or you may just had an great adventure that had fireworks at the end. Im not for if that interprets it enough for you but when I see this pic on a bad day it reminds me of Easier days, Great weather, Smiles on kids faces at the playground, it makes me want to find the nearest patch of grass and just lay there grazing up into the heavens just to make the clouds into shapes or to feel the breeze of the air on me that after so long of gazing I'm drifing off into my dream world the is simple very easy going! With both eyes shut with No sitting in Traffic, No Traffic Noise at all (unless it was from the birds humming you a song), No Job to rush back to, No Cell phone ringing, No bills to pay. Just a Non-Complex everday living as if I was a child again with no responce abilitys just simple living again!

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