Lomo Life Lessons

Lesson #1: ISO 200 film… not great for exterior night shots. Or interior. But, even on an overcast day, they came out pretty cool.

Lesson #2: Hey, I didn’t get charged for ALL OF THE PRINTS that didn’t come out! Sweet!

Lesson #3: There’s a reason why they tell you to get CLOSE to your subjects with the Fisheye… so when you’re shooting something cool on the ground, your feet don’t end up on the edge of the picture.

Lesson #4: Maybe I should take the strap and lens cap off of Jefferson entirely when I’m shooting. They’re fabulous but they don’t need to be in half of the pics.

Lesson #5: Even so… I still got some awesome snaps. An abandoned Christmas bush outside of a shop, an oil slick on the parking lot, some great Hunting Cat shots… it was worth it.

written by ruetheday on 2013-03-08