• The Shot of My Year

    written by rrohe on 2012-01-09
    The Shot of My Year

    In which our hero divulges his secret origins, or: Why I like to shoot street on black and white and develop it at home in my makeshift darkroom in the bathroom.

  • This Old Camera

    written by rrohe on 2011-06-22
    This Old Camera

    In which our hero rattles on about a 500dtl which his father purchased overseas which was passed along to him which he finally (after a decade) learned to use.

  • Something Old.

    written by rrohe on 2011-06-19

    In which our hero figures out how this damn thing works.

  • Analog Sick Day.

    written by rrohe on 2011-06-10

    In which our hero runs a fever and leaves work early only to lay about on his couch in much the same way he did as a boy.

  • Recesky and Delivery

    written by rrohe on 2011-05-27

    In which our hero constructs an image capturing device with his own hands and patiently awaits the deliveryman.

  • If You Want Something Done Right...

    written by rrohe on 2011-05-23

    In which our hero decides that he shall take it upon himself to transfer images to computer after a less than satisfactory experience at the local lab.