Your Lomo never fails

Today I decided to write about how exciting is going to the lab to get my pictures. No matter if I don’t get what I was expecting, I always have fun.

To me, that’s the miracle of the Lomos: making you laugh even when everything goes wrong.

As an example, I would mention my first “doubles” experience, with my friend bernardocople. We had a very nice plan: I shot places in Lisbon, he shot people in Rio. How nice, ha? Yeah, but something went wrong with the film and the result is anything but what we planned.

Was it a fail? Hell no! Instead of getting the result we wanted, we got very, very strange photos. Mostly, they’re a mixture of what I shoot and an unexpected blue layer. Honestly, we kinda like it. After all, we would never get this result if we really wanted to get it :)

Credits: rodrigoalmeida

written by rodrigoalmeida on 2011-03-24