Friends, Welcome! Just sharing some pictures of my hometown and local life, including people around - with some small descriptions and stories behind them.

Programmer and part-time school teacher (in electronics). No great skills in photography. Using only old manual (mostly soviet-made) cameras.

Note: Friends, if I liked your photos - that doesn't mean you need to answer me with likes :) Also I don't like everything, sorry! I like to like what I really like :)


Cameras! There was a small list but with the time my "collection" grew so now it makes less sense. My favorites are:

- Zorki-1 (1955 Leica-II clone) and similar FED-3 (1970s clone of Leica III)
- Zenit-3M (1963, SLR model derived from Zorki, so also from Leica - particularly case and shutter)
- various lenses for M39 to use with those Zorky/Zenit
- Komsomolets (1947) and Lubitel 2 - both derivatives of Voigtlander Brillant
- Fotokor-1 (obviously inspired by some Zeiss Ikon) and Tourist (both from 1930s)
- also there are some experimental pictures, e.g. using achromatic makeshift lens.

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