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Programmer and school teacher. My belief is that film photography should not be too perfect, otherwise one can't distinguish it from digital. Thus I like film photos for its imperfection, artistic and archaic look.

Not really photographer - my skills are under-mediocre :) So I'm just trying to share some pictures of life, mainly in my hometown, in Russia.

Currently I use just a couple of basic manual cameras - they suit well my lack of skills, ha-ha:
- Smena, 1st after-war model, 35mm, normal frame (LOMO, 1954 - USSR / Leningrad) - mainly
- Zorki, 35mm, rangefinding (LOMO, 1955 - USSR / Leningrad) - learning this yet
- Agat 18K, simple half-frame with shutter-diaphragm (Belomo 1990 - USSR / Belarus) - my first

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