1. hanibale
    hanibale ·

    great double

  2. sims
    sims ·

    Amazing series

  3. meryl
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  5. scrabbyknees
    scrabbyknees ·

    great album and concept.

  6. anafaro
    anafaro ·

    Amazing! Super well done! :)

  7. jeffr
    jeffr ·

    great album!

  8. giuliajimenez
    giuliajimenez ·

    wow!! how do you do double exposure with the AE 1? I'm trying with mine :/ thank you!

  9. roberteaton
    roberteaton ·

    Theres two ways, 1st one, shoot the first exposure, then press the film release button on the base of the camera, hold it in and slowly advance the film (because the buttons pressed in it wont advance) then shoot the second exposure :)

  10. giuliajimenez
    giuliajimenez ·

    Thanks! I tried this the other day after reading it on the internet but i didn't know it could work! hope it did, but what is the other way?

  11. roberteaton
    roberteaton ·

    well for these photos i loaded the film and marked an 'x' on the first exposure, then shot a role of pictures, wound it back, then loaded it again, making sure the 'x' was in the right position then shot a role of branches etc :)

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  13. imnotgic
    imnotgic ·

    i really love this!

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    really awesome !

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