Found a place to develop nearby!


They emphasized all. They said that if they don’t know how to do it, they send it out. The price for processing and hard copy prints is about $7. And the price for sending it out is like 13 cents extra. So tomorrow after work I plan on dropping off my first two rolls of 120 film. I’m a bit apprehensive about doing it though – I’ve got one roll exposed at 4.5×6 and the other at 6×6. I’m really wondering if the processor will do it right. No better way than to try though. :)

written by rlotze on 2012-06-26

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  1. nicolabeeson
    nicolabeeson ·

    Good luck!! Let me know how it goes : ) I take all mine to Moon Lab Photo in Greenwood. It's between $5-8 depending on if it's BW or Color, for developing only.