• My first Belair X6-12 photos were.......crap.

    written by rlotze on 2013-02-03
    My first Belair X6-12 photos were.......crap.

    When the Belair was announced and saw what it looked like, I was ecstatic. It was a work of pure art. A beautiful camera. I had to have it. I mean: I really really had to have it. Seriously. I doubt that I would have died without it, but it definitely wouldn't have been a pretty sight. I bought it before the 500 were sold so that I'd get the certificate. No real reason for that - not like you can really do anything with the certificate, but who doesn't want a little extra bonus?

  • Lots of learning going on

    written by rlotze on 2012-07-02
    Lots of learning going on

    My 120 film is still at the Developers, so I gave a shot using 35mm in my Holga 120 and had it developed at a 1-hour shop. There's lots of learning going on here....

  • Well someone's high

    written by rlotze on 2012-06-27

    A small glitch to my film processing plans.

  • Found a place to develop nearby!

    written by rlotze on 2012-06-26

    I talked to the people in the local Fred Meyer and they said that they develop *all* C41 film.

  • Holga moved in

    written by rlotze on 2012-06-23

    I finally got my new camera!

  • Lomography? I want in your club!!!

    written by rlotze on 2012-06-17

    My intro to all things lomographic