• LomoGuru of the Week: Warning

    written by fookshit on 2011-11-04
    LomoGuru of the Week: Warning

    Whether if she’s behind the camera busily composing her shots in the viewfinder or in front of the camera while seducing us all with her self-portraits, either way she simply never fails to wow us all without any warning! In fact, every Lomographic thing she does is unadulterated analogue magic!

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    shared by superkulisap on 2011-05-15

    Tested a roll of Kodak EPP using @icuresick's LC-A+. I'm gonna have one soon!

  • i'll be DAMned

    shared by b0rn2b1ush on 2011-10-05

    a few more from the wawa dam roadtrip with @icuresick and @boobert