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Thanks Eva for give me the opportunity
Thanks The Star reporter and photographer
Thanks Akmal,A’asry for teach me how to publish blog
Thanks Nizam a.k.a myvitaminx
Thanks to my family,friends,lomo ipoh homies and Effekts for the support.

Lomo on Never off!

written by ripsta on 2011-08-13


  1. bulletofmine
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  2. analogmonolog
    analogmonolog ·

    congratz ripsta!! You guys truly inspire us , budding lomographers to push through and work harder so that Malaysia becomes one of the best Lomography scene in the world. You do make us proud

  3. tracyvmoore
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  4. quaisoir
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    That's one 4 the books!

  5. niko_fuzzy
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    famous amigos!

  6. niko_fuzzy
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    famous amigos!

  7. lomoloque
    lomoloque ·

    Awesome! Ripsta Is My Idol

  8. ahleng90
    ahleng90 ·

    tahniah kawan..lomo on dont off off

  9. lereile
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    proud of you guys!!

  10. istionojr
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    even cool!

  11. northwardnimbus
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    ripstah supastah!

  12. grazie
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    great one ripsta! so proud of you!

  13. lannshaukani
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    im proud of u bro!

  14. volker-jp
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    great stuff! Congrats!

  15. ajiq69
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    weh gila la weh

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  17. eva_eva
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    WOOOHOOOO! :))

  18. lawypop
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    Malaysia Lomo Stars :))

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    well done.!

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    Congratulation!!!! :D

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    well done, friends!

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    hi artis haha

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    nice one ^_^

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  31. noomink
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    Wow, That's really great!!

  32. stouf
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    ripstaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!! : )

  33. ripsta
    ripsta ·

    Thank you very much my dear lomo friends for the likes and comments : )

  34. valennano
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    lomo on!!

  35. ibkc
    ibkc ·

    Great article! I have to giggle a bit at the author's enthusiasm for Instagram over all other iPhone photography apps; its retro-style filters are OK, but there's only a few of them and once you've been using an iPhone for photography for a few days you can instantly spot an Instagram-manipulated image and probably even name the exact filter used. Whereas you have to have quite a bit more knowledge and experience to be able to instantly identify what kind of film, process, cross-process, etc. that a film photographer has used. That's a small quibble though; he was very fair to you guys! Good job!

  36. toyba_elescione
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    wanna be like 'em someday..heyeeyey!!

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    Wow! Plenty of comments!

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    Ahhhhh this is so annoying! Why have they just attacked this article?

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    what the hell happened to this blog post!!?

  40. ripsta
    ripsta ·

    @antibiotyx - i dont know,why this f***ing spammers still attack my blog post, arghhhhh

  41. vicuna
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    congrats to you!!! But this huge spamming attack is really weird... did you report them?

  42. ripsta
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    thanks, and yup.i already report it and they said that they try their best to delete this spammers

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    congratulations!! this is awesome!

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    congrats bro. well done!!

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    awesome, congratz!