Born analogue (yes I am English, hence the spelling) but became digital through Darwinian Evolution and am now having a mid-life crisis sending me back to my analogue days. I have already purchased about a dozen 35mm cameras to play with in the future (I don't do things by halves!!). Tourism, Travel and Transport photography by choice, I hate just sitting around at home. I could spend days in an airport, harbour (told you I am English), railway or bus station just people watching... Where are they going? Where have they been? What do they do? Wonder if he'll drop that wallet full of money?

First roll of film now finished after 15 years of digital photography (I stuffed it into an old Canon EOS500N that cost me 10 Euros in eBay), home developing kit purchased ready to try again once I get back from Spain at the end of April with more film to develop, almost 40 years after my previous attempt :-)

Picked up a Sprocket Rocket at the 2017 Photography Show at the NEC, Birmingham, UK in March and will be taking it out and about locally and to Spain in April.... I'll be home developing those as well so this could be interesting...... Or disastrous.... Watch this space !!

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