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  • Albert Square

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    With this collection of photos I attempted to capture industrial, Victorian Manchester but couldn't avoid some contemporary elements entering the photos. I quite like that though.

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  • Marikina Walk

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    This is what it looked like after the monsoon rain week. After the walk we got hungry so boobert, icuresick, cosmicpinay and me decided to eat at mama chit's before going home.

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    As the weeks went by, my love for her became an obsession, as is the nature of unrequited love. I spent every penny I had on her, trying to delay the inevitable. I had always naively believed that money couldn’t buy love and it hurt me to admit that, had I been richer she would stay with me longer. But there would come a time when even money couldn’t buy her, like a flame that burned too bright she couldn’t last. So I became an amateur meteorologist, studying the horizon like an anxious parent watching their child take their first, faltering steps, looking for cloud formations and changes in the wind, trying desperately to make the most of our time together. But the happiness I felt in her presence was now tinged with sadness as I could feel her slipping away.