Photoseries - Beginners Luck

Credits: retro-girl

So here’s the thing – I LOVE my Pentax camera. It’s probably my favourite camera ever. I have taken it to Japan, Greenland and all over the UK but I never bothered to read the manual before – I always just shot standard “nice” landscapes using the “auto” setting.

Having not used my trusty Pentax for about 10 years, I dragged it out of retirement to shoot some pics. Imagine my dismay when I found that there was a hair trapped in the rear element. Every time I took a nice photo there was a big greasy splodge ruining the sky :(

I couldn’t afford to have it repaired but it was too difficult to fix myself. In distress I turned to my camera manual and behold I discovered the multiple exposure button! Never before had I known the opportunities my lovely camera was hiding from me.

What I discovered was that by taking multiple exposures I could hide that nasty smudge from the trapped hair in a textured background. As a bonus, the awesomeness of MX meant my photos would record not just what I saw but what I felt – how cool is that?

Filled with enthusiasm, I headed into Edinburgh one sunny day and just fired away at random with no real idea about what I was doing. This picture is from the first ever roll of double exposures I tried with my Pentax (and was only my second attempt at double exposures with any type of camera) and its still one of my favourites. Recently it became my first ever picture to gain over 100 likes and my very first “selected” photo. I am so pleased so many people like it when it is just a bit of dumb beginners luck.

written by retro-girl on 2013-09-27


  1. retro-girl
    retro-girl ·

    Thanks for your likes on my first blog article @dermanu, @buckshot, @saidseni, @riahstarr, @rik041 and @zorzyo

  2. buckshot
    buckshot ·

    You're very welcome! Congrats for winning the Photoseries competition with it...!

  3. nigelk
    nigelk ·

    Congratulations on your success!!!

  4. jos16
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    Nicely done!

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