im Seebad Rust

a calm bay at the western coast of the lake neusiedl (the second biggest steppe lake in europe): sailing boats, very sandy water, and a lot of reeds...


  1. seruh
    seruh ·

    Did you do anything to this in post? It's great!

  2. rese_van_these
    rese_van_these ·

    thanks a lot, seruh!:) probably i turned down the exposure a little while scanning, but nothing further

  3. grazie
    grazie ·


  4. dasjuerg
    dasjuerg ·

    glückwunsch zum foto des tages

  5. rese_van_these
    rese_van_these ·

    @dasjuerg: vielen lieben dank, jürg!! ...ohne dich hätt ichs jetzt wahrscheinlich gar nicht gesehen:D jippie!;)

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