For some reason all or most of the pictures have this really weird light leak right in the middle of every photo... and it's the LC-A+ it never produces light leaks... anybody have a clue of what might be wrong?

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    where you been hiding man? great welcome back photo

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    love it!

  6. bulletofmine
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    intentional light leaks or what?

  7. boredbone
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    wicked colors

  8. dakadev_pui
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    สุดยอด superb!

  9. isoterica
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    Maybe that particular roll of film was damaged in some way or.. exposed when you took it out of the camera so that it made the same footprint. How was the next roll?

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    woww expect unexpect

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    muy chula!!

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    Look funny >.<

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    totally kick ass :)

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    wooo great

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    "anybody have a clue of what might be wrong?" no no... my dear friend. everything is just right! :) stunning picture.

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    I love this! It looks so freaking cool :p

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    I love this picture. Would you like to add it to the shoes/feet fetish collection?

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    great idea!

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    I love this.

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    Hi-Know what the issue might be with your camera. Sometimes the back of the camera isn't closed, just enough so light can leak onto the film. I would suggest you take it to a camera repair man to look at.