Harbour activity

These pictures were taken at Pelabuhan Sunda Kelapa (Sunda Kelapa Harbor) during the rush hour at Saturday (13/10). This Harbour is one of the landmark of Jakarta, The harbor exist during the feudal age in Nusantara (name before Indonesia). This harbour also become the milestone of the emerging Jakarta City. During the feudal era, this harbor is under Padjajaran Empire then fall to Jayakarta during the emerging moslem Kingdom under the King called Raden Fatah or Jakarta Prince. When the Netherlands (dutch) colonized Nusantara it fall under the dutch, the name of the city is being change to Batavia, after the independence war and won on 1945, this harbor still become the main trade point, today Its called Pelabuhan Sunda Kelapa, using the name that are given by Raden Fatah. But through the ages there are 3 things still remain, they are, low wage workers, dangerous working condition, and corrupt harbor officers.

One of the loading workers at this harbor told me their income approximately 100 USD/month, without insurance and other benefits, they only given 1 meal every day. Most of them are coming from surrounding are of Jakarta, some of the is the working as ship crew, and their same the same income.

Indonesia, do not regulate such workers, they are not being seen as formal workers, so they do not fall under Indonesian labor law, while there no regulation that regulate them. even for the ship crew there are no such thing. Most of these semi modern ship (pinisi ship) are owned by big bourgeois class in Jakarta.

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