Portraits of my wife, Elli. From photographs to accompany her record, "Totality". This one from the final session is an out-take I was always fond of. Taken on July 29, 2018.


  1. briany
    briany ·

    I can understand why you like this pic which provides a nice contrast to the other one where there is much more light reflecting off your wife's face. By the way, I checked out her YouTube video .... Elli Perry definitely has another new fan! :)

  2. redredgray
    redredgray ·

    @briany - Thank you! Yes, I like the opposite features of the two; the darkness and dimensionality of this one makes a more introverted picture though the camera is looking out. My favorite detail is the yellow cord snaking away from the foreground and out of the frame. It catches my eye and causes it to travel in. Also luck made it so that her eyes are closed, which only adds to the inward mood. ... Thank you for checking it out.

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