first solo exhibition

Credits: realmustache

i’ve been trying to wrap everything up for my first solo exhibition next sunday. it hasn’t been an easy task creating two photo series in a month and a half, and now that things are down to the final hour i can really feel the pressure.

i’ve been working on a series of patterns photographed with the lomography supersampler. i’m nearly done with this series. i have one more image to print and hopefully i captured it on the last roll of film i developed.

Credits: realmustache

i’m almost done with my portrait series, too. i have one more person to photograph (where i actually need to be in 15 minutes) and another one to print. i stupidly shot half a roll of my friend serena the other day on pinhole setting. the aperture set itself to pinhole while flopping around in my camera bag and i didn’t think to check it because i always shoot with the same setting. a lesson well learned.

Credits: realmustache

since thanksgiving is thursday, that means i have to print those 3 photos, and mat all 10 of them by wednesday afternoon, a whole 3 days before the show. here’s a quick list of things i’m hoping for:

- it doesn’t rain between now and when i get to my photo shoot
- i can get a decent enough exposure so i can print it with a 3 filter or higher
- i can print all of my photographs monday
- mat all of them tuesday
- and be finished by wednesday
- and it wouldn’t hurt to be able to sell all of my prints at the show

Credits: realmustache

wish me luck!

written by realmustache on 2010-11-20


  1. amyrose
    amyrose ·

    lovely photos, good luck!

  2. dyluzo
    dyluzo ·

    Sounds exciting !I wish I could get some more exposure for my work and maybe sale some an the way !