My cameras: FED 5s, Minolta SR-7 and SRT 100, Exa 1b.

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Biographic note

Michal Rażniewski, skier and PZN (Polish Ski Federation) instructor and lecturer, is also a photographer and a cycling and bicycle tourism enthusiast. He has been connected with the Ski School and "Aesculap" Sudety Sports Club since 1970, first as a student and later becoming an instructor himself. He teaches skiing and he is also an instructor trainer for ski instructors. Michał Rażniewski was born in Wrocław in 1953. He has lived in Jelenia Góra for 60 years. Michał has been photographing since 1981. He took the first pictures with his old Ercona bellows camera, which had he been still using at this time. Michał has started his interests in photography since the moment his daughter, named Joasia, was born. There was an obvious need to record her first steps, baptismal ceremony, birthday parties, and family walks down the paths of the Zabobrze housing estate. He was fascinated with black and white photography with its entire process of making pictures. He derived pleasure from having an influence on making the photographs - from capture to the finished prints. Since 1985, Michał has been participating in meetings, exhibitions, competitions, and outdoor air photography workshops held by Jeleniogórskie Towarzystwo Fotograficzne (Jeleniogórskie Photographic Association). He takes photos of landscapes and sports.

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