So I got this thing – a ‘Rover’, essentially a Diane clone (plastic seems a little greyer, no flash connections, all else seems the same). So I shall stick a roll of Ektar 100 in it and attempt to do something interesting and in keeping with it. I only paid £5 for it and it seems in good order so let’s see.

Credits: raymac

Should be in a position to post more pics up soon, some BW stuff from hols (110 and 35mm). Think I have a decent spread of cameras right now, 17 in total with 2 × 110 SLRs and 2 × 120 cameras. I can’t afford to keep them all fed anyway, so currently rotating them – the Olympus 35rc will take a back seat, think my FED4 needs looking at as I suspect issues with the film advance. Still have some test rolls to process too! so watch this space.

written by raymac on 2014-06-11


  1. ksears119
    ksears119 ·

    Don't leave the Olympus 35RC in the back seat too long, it's a nice little camera!

  2. raymac
    raymac ·

    Agreed. Probably my favourite, though the minolta himatic g is up there with it. The 35 is a great quality camera.

  3. raymac
    raymac ·

    Dammit! Its happened again-I am now waiting for an old original Diana camera to arrive, a specualtive punt for the grand sum of £1.04 won it! pretty grubby and needs a clean but seems intact and functional- a Diana for a quid is worth a go, surely?

  4. raymac
    raymac ·

    And now - just got a really pretty Smena 35 for £1.70! Im going to need a bigger cupboard