Belair CitySlicker 6x6 Test Roll

The rain was so heavy(monsoon season in Singapore) clouds covered the tops of the buildings at Singapore's Central Business District.

Used a roll of cheap film from China.
The tape came off halfway, which appeared in some of the shots.
Local lab also didn't handle the films properly.
Lousy film emulsion and base too.
So disappointed. Haven't got a satisfactory Belair roll so far. tsk.


  1. adash
    adash ·

    LOL, I see the tape now. It's either very low quality, or very old. I had that problem with 25-year old ORWO film....

  2. raylemon
    raylemon ·

    it's low quality. but it's quite cheap I think. and a pro told me the lab I went to didn't handle my films too well too

  3. raylemon
    raylemon ·


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