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One of the roads in between the Singapore Lomography Gallery Store and Chinatown

I like how the different sources of lights give different circular shapes


  1. raylemon
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  6. troch
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    Great night shot!!!!!!!!!!

  7. raylemon
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    @troch haha thanks!

  8. micky_s
    micky_s ·

    great one!

  9. hoseun
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    @micky_s @hoseun Thanks! haha I am so surprised it got chosen after so long :D

  11. micky_s
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    there's still hope for my photos then!! :D

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    congrats :)

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    @mick_s I am sure you will get selected one day too! :D

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    @avola Thank you! :)

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    @robotto_dawad Thanks :D

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    Great shot

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    @retro-girl Thanks! :)