My Lomography Anniversary is my Birthday!


Today is my first birthday after I got introduced to the Lomographic Society! yay. I am 23 years old already! Time flies.

However, my first toy/analogue camera came 3 years ago, when my friend gave me a Holga 135bc for my birthday! Never fails to come to my mind for the past 3 years. hee hee

It was until July last year when I found out about Lomography though. It has been a fun ride since!

Lomography made me pick up my interest in photography again. Many years ago, I was interested in photography but soon lost interest, as to be frank, I am not talented to be a photographer. I was more of a moving images/video person. But lomography re-lit my passion!

Starting off with my Holga, I started to find out more about the lomography cameras…got a pinhole cam, actionsampler, then finally an lc-a…then a Nikon SLR, a Belair, A Sprocket Rocket, and now, waiting for my Zenit 122k haha.

It has been such a wonderful journey, meeting different people from all walks of life. People who take pictures for fun, people who are professionals, getting to know new friends, sharing the same passion, and discussing tips and tricks!

And not to mention I have this slight obsession of trying to psycho people into lomography, and feel happy when someone is interested, and feel happy when someone joins Lomography :D

Well, the 135bc was one of my favourite birthday presents evvvveeeeerrrr! haha.

Analogue photography is so therapeutic and enjoyable. It’s already an addiction. haha

written by raylemon on 2013-02-17


  1. rik041
    rik041 ·

    happy bday

  2. raylemon
    raylemon ·

    @rik041 thanks!