Lomo blues

I didn’t really notice until someone from LGS SG told me that I have been having bad lomo happenings….then…I thought…then…I confirmed….

1. 2 Belair Rolls. Unwanted light leaks for both rolls, wound to wrong number on 2nd roll. Not evry happy with the results too
2. 3rd Belair roll, tape from film dropped out, appearing in half of my photos. Bad roll too.
3. Underexposed Sprocket Rocket group photos taken at Changi Airport Singapore, due to weak batteries in Flash
4. Keep missing shots
5. Went to Malaysia, “took” a roll of awesome shots which I loved, including a fully burnt market. Waited a few weeks to find out the whole roll was not exposed as the flim tongue slipped out.

And many other small things.


written by raylemon on 2013-01-09