I Have a Dream Today


My dream….is to be a photographer (a good one haha)
My dream…is also to be able to work in the darkroom…

Credits: raylemon

It’s like helping the photographers realize their dreams
It’s like revealing their minds
Meticulously processing each roll of film…
Seeing their happy faces when they see the outcome of their hardwork and creativity…

Credits: raylemon

But my dream is still far away from me…I still have much, much more to learn, just like a roll of unprocessed film. I am still like the roll of unexposed film…not exposed to the light of photography, and waiting for the aperture and shutter to open my eyes to greater knowledge.

Credits: raylemon

And then, hopefully, one fine day, develop into a fine photographer/printer, after all the processes and finally being cleaned off with water…

Anyways, here is a super old video:

Dreams -by The Cranberries

Video uploaded by Sessizcocuk on Vimeo

written by raylemon on 2012-11-12