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I was one of the first people who signed up for the Belair pre-launch notification. Being the lomohome addict that I am, I frequently check my e-mail and lomography website for the latest updates.

The moment i saw the belair’s design…I fell in love with it. I had been looking for a medium format camera for some time. The only one that I have is an extremely mouldy and dusty Seagull 203-i with many of it’s functions not working properly anymore.

I didn’t get the Diana F+ (if i ever get it I will get the deluxe set) as I didn’t like the bulky design and the soft focus(not that I don’t like it, I prefer that I can have more control over the hard/soft focus.) It is a foldable camera which makes it sleek and compact. I have a holga and a lc-a and most of the time I would prefer the crisp images given by the glass minitar lens.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying which is better. It is more of using the correct camera for the correct effects desired. One shouldn’t be restricted by equipment; there must be a proper motivation behind why you want to use a camera for certain shots.

To be frank, I didn’t like medium format photos when I first started out. I found 120mm to be too expensive. But since getting serious into photography (thanks to Singapore Lomography Gallery Store) I have learnt to appreciate different film formats. It is an art form I feel I need to master if I am aspiring to be a fine arts photographer.

And what really made me order it so quickly was because of the flexibilty I have with the Belair, being able to shoot in 3 different formats. I have been looking for a wide angle/panoramic camera, I have been eyeing the sprocket rocket. So instead of using 1.5 exposures of a 35mm, why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone by using 120mm?

What caught my eye was the interchangeable lens. Flexibilty! (again) My Seagull didn’t have that. I understand that the Diana F+ has much much more choices, but I believe the Belair lenses will be of a much better quality. In fact, I thought they were glass lenses judging from the sample photos! (Yes, they are plastic lenses)

What’s more, it’s on 30% discount. I really love the Globetrotters design but hey, it’s about $150 more(but it’s limited edition), and I am already eating air for the rest of the month till my pay day.(I told Jac at SG Lomo store that I would eat grass but she said air is more fitting and much cheaper. I comforted myself by giving it a more high tech term called “aeroponics”.) So i settled for the city slicker! But hey, it’s still a sexy beast.

The Design of the Belair: Retro look with a touch of class but yet you know it’s modern it’s so cool compact sleek. Ignore the grammar/punctuation in the above sentence as I didn’t want pauses in between. To summarise, it looks awesome.

Features? First automatic medium format. Quick Zone focusing. Interchangeable lenses(comes with 2 lenses). Foldable/Collapsible. Light Meter.

Why am I so ecstatic over the bulb mode? Because my LC-A+ doesn’t have the bulb mode unless i black tape the light meter. Again…Flexibility! Versatility!

And last but not least…when you pre-order, you will get a certificate stating you are one of the first owners of this awesome camera!

written by raylemon on 2012-10-24

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  1. dewitiara
    dewitiara ·

    I can still remember you excitingly telling me all the features of the Belair when it was first launched - memorised by heart