Not like normal people...

Credits: rav_bunneh

This photograph is of a red wall at Target, yes. However it isn’t at all what I was taking a photograph of or the subject of the picture? It is like “negative space” in traditional art or in typography. In this case I was trying to photograph the palm tree.

I didn’t want just another palm tree framed by the blue of sky. You know the shot; the one where you have to crane your neck almost straight up to get the picture. So instead I cheated and just pointed my camera at the wall.

Then a lot of people walked into frame and I had to stop.. wait for them to clear out. Then finally as fast as I could I took the shot! Now, rather than green on blue, I’m got a shadow palm tree on red.

I like it!

written by rav_bunneh on 2010-10-25