The <3 Vandal

Credits: rav_bunneh

All taggers seem to want to get their name on the wall, bus, window… well really they tag anything. Here on the island of Oahu someone or some group of people are splash painting hearts. These hearts, that I’ve seen, all are on the sidewalks and all done by dribbling or flinging paint.

Who goes around the island putting hearts on the sidewalk? Is there some story? Maybe they are broken hearted or maybe they are just so much in love they can’t contain it. IDK, maybe even their name or nickname is Heart? Anything is possible.

The only problem is that I’m always wizzing past them at 25 – 65 miles per hour. That makes getting a lomograph of them a little hard.

Anyway I just found it interesting because not a lot of people graffiti on Oahu. We have this word called “Kokua” which is like a mix between respect and reverence. Even among kids you’ll often hear the cry “Eh! Show some kokua!” if another kid does something like tagging. It’s not that kids are all “goody goody” around here. But an island is a small place and most people just want their home (the island) to look nice. So to see these hearts really catches the eye since they are all over.

Either way they make for good picture. Beside, I often think of Lomography as a kind of reverse tag. You sneak snap a photo of a place/thing and thus make it yours.

written by rav_bunneh on 2010-11-17

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  1. spoeker
    spoeker ·

    We have some hearts painted on the streets of Cologne too but I was not able to take a proper photo cause of all the cars night&day ^^
    @bloemche managed to take one -…