Diana Mini: Dead after the first roll.


“Damn it, Jim, I’m a Lomographer not a Mechanic!”

Attempt at levity aside I’m sad because the Diana Mini I won in the RipCurl Contest #2 died after only the first roll.

I took one roll with the Diana Mini, and while I didn’t hold still enough, I was very pleased. So I loaded her up with a second roll of film and hit the streets. I was extremely careful while shooting my second roll of film. I know it is only made of plastic; even so I treat all my cameras with care.

After shooting the second roll I rewound the film and opened her up to get the film out. That is when I noticed the shutter was wide open. Stunned I check Bulb mode and then tried to click the shutter a few times. It would wiggle slightly but wasn’t opening and closing — just staying mostly open.

I used the web page Contact Us form and didn’t get a reply from Lomography. So I also sent an email to the customer service email address yesterday. I hope that they contact me and are able to help.

I was so excited to have won the Mini then so depressed that it broke after that first roll.

UPDATE 7/Feb/2011: Got a return auth # from LSI and sent my beloved Diana to New York for some tlc repairs.

Credits: rav_bunneh

written by rav_bunneh on 2011-02-02


  1. yeah_im_awesome
    yeah_im_awesome ·

    oh no!! i was thinking of buying myself this camera for my birthday.....hope all goes well. i dont want something that will break that soon!

  2. tylerdurden
    tylerdurden ·

    welcome to magnificent diana mini´s world. This camera is a joke.

  3. spoeker
    spoeker ·

    I hope you will get a reply (and a new Diana Mini!!) soon!

  4. rav_bunneh
    rav_bunneh ·

    Thx a lot Spoeker.

  5. isabel_mebarak
    isabel_mebarak ·

    I´m very sorry...

  6. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    Try Lomography, New York tel. # 718-522-4353 or LA tel. # 323-654-2617. The stores can lead you to customer service, if email no good. I had a couple of things fail, and they were replaced or refunded. Replaced was a FED5, refunded was a Kiev 4a. Good luck.