Rav's Resolution

Credits: rav_bunneh

I may be on an island but I can’t let that mindset slow me down or stop me. Recently in the Lomography magazine there was a story about the late Chicago photographer Vivian Maier. She was a nanny and on her days off she headed into Chicago to just snap photos. I’m sure at times she may have despaired over not being someplace more exciting. I imagine Chicago was her “island”.

Yet look at the volume of amazing photographs she managed to create over the years! That is my goal for 2011; to make great pictures of my little slice of the world.

I also want to learn from her example and fuse it with the lomography mind-set and style. It is a tall order, yes. And frankly I won’t ever be another Vivian Maier. But what I can do is keep at it and develop my own style. I need to keep exercising my eye for composition.

That is my resolution for 2011. To work to be a better Lomographer. Work to be a better photographer. Celebrate life and where I happen to be by means of Lomography as my art form!

Lomo on in 2011!

written by rav_bunneh on 2011-01-15

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  1. kamiraze
    kamiraze ·

    Excellent resolution I would say :D
    I admire your desire for inner growth!
    The advantage that you have in comparison to Vivian Maier is that you are already discovered. And you are in a inspiring community!