• Tipster: DIY X-Pro Redscale

    written by rancliffhasenza on 2015-09-27 #gear #tutorials
    Tipster: DIY X-Pro Redscale

    Browsing through the Lomography website, you can find a lot of redscale shots, which are all done on color negative films. I asked myself if it’s possible to redscale a slide or chrome film and then cross process it. (And yes, it is.) In this tipster I’m going to teach you how to create the bloodiest homemade redscale film I've ever come across.

  • Create Yourself a Diana Mini Splitzer

    written by rancliffhasenza on 2012-09-21 #gear #tutorials
    Create Yourself a Diana Mini Splitzer

    Do you own a precious little Diana Mini and have you ever dreamed of shooting with a splitzer? Well I have the perfect thing for you!

  • Double Film in a Camera?

    written by rancliffhasenza on 2011-11-11 #gear #tutorials
    Double Film in a Camera?

    Have you ever thought of loading your camera with two films? Probably not. And to be honest, I think it wouldn't even work, or would it? But I had an idea similar to that, which anyone can do.

  • Lomography Redscale XR + Russian LC-A

    written by rancliffhasenza on 2011-03-17 #gear
    Lomography Redscale XR + Russian LC-A

    Have you ever expected a film to come out in a certain way, but it didn't? Have you ever had an overexposed 35mm Lomography Redscale XR film, which you shot with your LC-A? Well I did. I bought a 35mm Lomography Redscale XR film and loaded my original Russian LC-A (ISO settings 25-400) with it. Quite interesting photos.

  • Mixing 400 ISO with 800 ISO

    written by rancliffhasenza on 2011-02-26 #gear
    Mixing 400 ISO with 800 ISO

    I bought a Lomography 800 ISO film this winter, just to try it out. As I put it in my LC-A, I found out that the ISO settings reach to 400. I got a bit frustrated, although I still hoped that the film could come out well. And actually, it did!