For The Love Of Lomography.


I have been involved with lomography longer than I’ve been able to read chapter books. It really is such a strong part of me. But I think I’m going to retire from the website for a few months.

Credits: rake

Recently, there was an accident at my house. I ended up losing 80% of my cameras and accessories (Including my first lomographic camera, my holga, 2 other LC-As, and all of my development services.) Only my LC-Wide, Horizon, and Fritz the Blitz flash remain. So quite obviously, I’m crushed. And I’m just not financially ready to buy back some of my favorite cameras.

SO I’m pretty depressed.
And I don’t really have to will to keep up with my lomohome. So I won’t be posting for a while.
I’ll still be shooting like a motherfucker, but not posting, or posting as much.
After losing my favorite cameras I realized that recently I’ve just been taking pictures for the sake of other people, and shooting just hasn’t been as fun.

So I moved to Texas and now I’m just shooting whatever makes me happy.
I’ll be back soon. With a shitton of pictures.
But until then, au revior, Lomographic Society. You’ve been fucking awesome.

written by rake on 2012-03-01


  1. peropero
    peropero ·

    sad to see you go.
    hope you come back soon.

  2. grazie
    grazie ·

    Hey rake! We'll wait for you and yes I can relate to that...I've had times when I just wanna shoot endlessly coz it's therapy for me in some ways but don't have the energy to post. And yes that's right on...shoot for yourself...what makes you happy...not shoot to please others :)
    We'll miss your fucking awesome photos though :)

  3. haunt2
    haunt2 ·

    hope u come back.

  4. yyyhorn
    yyyhorn ·

    take care of yourself! b back soon!!

  5. realrampage
    realrampage ·


  6. oldtimer-rfh
    oldtimer-rfh ·

    Hope we see u back soon,just get happy again!

  7. macstef
    macstef ·

    good luck and take care!!

  8. istra
    istra ·

    every artist needs rejuv time :)

  9. ripsta
    ripsta ·

    what a bad news, hope you will get well soon

  10. foodeanz
    foodeanz ·

    Be strong and come back ya...=)

  11. crepier
    crepier ·

    something similar to me, well i been working hard, but a few films (4 not say none) but im going in vacation and theres a group that want to start a great project.

  12. liquorice
    liquorice ·

    See you soon! And keep shooting for yourself (:

  13. freezedudul
    freezedudul ·

    Noooooooooooooooo!! Rakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~ :'(

  14. volker-jp
    volker-jp ·

    enjoyed your pictures! sad to hear about this accident! all the best!

  15. lomographynyc_gramercy
    lomographynyc_gramercy ·

    We are sad to see you go Rake but we still love you here in NYC!

  16. pomps
    pomps ·

    enjoy this time! take tons of photos for you! :)

  17. guinastrapazi
    guinastrapazi ·

    damn no! what happened? :O
    even if youre not here in the community, LOMO ON! :)

  18. peewpeewbangwatcha
    peewpeewbangwatcha ·

    I have HUGE ups and downs with depression where many months where im just down all the time.
    But i find photography always helps. And i hope it helps you too :]
    Hope to see you back and feeling awesome soon!

  19. tyler_durden
    tyler_durden ·

    take care Rake!!! I'll be waiting for you!! XOXO

  20. rik041
    rik041 ·

    I am sad, to hear that...I had a son, he was very the last times he fells better...than, in july 11, he died....rake, life is great...ok,. sometimes wen can see this fact..I wish you the very best........and hpe, you will back soon....rik

    be free, to mail me..

  21. disdis
    disdis ·

    hope to see you back soon!

  22. vanilajan
    vanilajan ·

    OMG~this is sad~!
    Take care you~

  23. mafiosa
    mafiosa ·

    Just remember that if it makes you sad to be away, you can always come back.

  24. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    dont stop shooting! :)