For the Love of Forgetting Your Camera


Dear World,
Today I had to go to my college to get a shitton of work done. crammed my backpack full of every paint/maker/art books/laptop/pencil/paintbrushes I could possibly need.
While in this process I decided to take out all "unnecessary’ items to cut down on the weight of my load. And this was one of the only times I thought my LC-A was unnecessary. I thought to myself “Well I’m just going to be buried in work ALL DAY, and it’s raining, so.. I guess I can leave this at home.”
There have been plenty of days where I have my camera and film and don’t take a single picture, but it’s always good to have it. And of course today is the day I don’t have it and the worlds most beautiful woman walks up to me and asks me for a cigarette. I am completely straight but I probably would’ve giving my trigger finger to be with the woman. I instinctively reached in my pocket for my camera… my gut wrenched.. OF COURSE I DONT HAVE IT “ITS NOT NECESSARY.”
Just the fact of knowing that I’ll never be able to share this face with the world kills me. I’m not creepy or anything, but she’s just the type of girl I’d take a photograph of on the street. And bam, shes gone forever.
When was the last time you forgot your camera and felt like an idiot for doing so?

oh, heres a picture, not from today, just for the sake of having a picture

Credits: rake

written by rake on 2011-03-31


  1. pomps
    pomps ·

    you´ll surely see here again :)

  2. basicspace
    basicspace ·

    Maybe she's a LomoLover herself, I hate that though, I do it all the time. I bring it, it doesn't get used, I don't bring it... Such amazing things pop up that you'd love to shoot at! Anyway, lesson learnt. Camera stays IN the bag! :)